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Amazing News was started as a way to give you a place to come to read about what is good in the world. It seems that if you watch the news on the television or read the headlines online or in the local newspaper, that all you see is bad news. But good things are happening out there in the world and we are dedicated to bringing it to our readers.

Amazing News searches the world for the happy or inspiring stories. We have stories on new technology that makes our lives easier, stories about heroes both human and animal, stories on people helping to save our environment and stories about the people in our lives that never give up and are making a difference around them.

Some of our stories will bring a tear to your eye, while others will make you smile or even laugh. Some of them may make you proud of your fellow humans. But whatever stories you see here on Amazing News will be positive and guaranteed to make your day.

We want you to see the amazing things that are going on in the world and read about the amazing people that are making it happen, here at Amazing News, bringing you positively pleasant news every day.