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Amazing Videos is an awesome and delightful collection of videos from the web picked specifically to enrich your viewing pleasure. Contained here you will find videos made by amazing people around the world. Our video collections are designed to enliven, boost your spirit and bring a little fun and joy into your life. We've put together a collection of our favorites that are inspirational, informational and funny; all designed to enhance your life. Amazing Videos are designed to help and entertain you each and every day and perhaps leave you with a little more happiness and contentment.

One-year-old Niece Imitates Beatboxing Uncle…

Heheeee – it’s the simplest of things sometimes! So in the video, uncle’s holding his one-year-old niece and beatboxing away. Niece looks at him while he’s doing it and smiles. She looks back at the camera as if to say, “OK.” Uncle speeds up with the lip pyro-technique, then stops. Silence. Uncle looks at niece. […]

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Hello, Dog. This Isn’t Your Bed. It’s Mine. Meow.

The way the cats in this video are claiming these dogs’ spaces, and not looking to be moving any time soon, is a hoot to watch! In the first shot, the dog is seen walking around the cat, trying to negotiate somewhere to sit, but failing! Awwww! The next dog makes a bit more of […]

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Cat Adopts Three Ducklings…

It’s not clear from the video how these ducklings were initially found, but they were found by a couple on their farm. When the couple got to the ducklings, their cat (Dela) had one of them in its mouth. They initially feared the worse. But then they realised the duckling wasn’t being held aggressively. So […]

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Sweet Potbellied Pig Gets Stomach Rubs…

Aww, how cute. This lil potbellied piggy is not just all over cuteness, but also adores having its little stomach rubbed. When its tummy is first rubbed, it closes its eyes as if to say “that feels so good. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Then it’s rolled over to the side and enjoys its […]

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This Guy Orders a Takeaway in Style!

Now, this is a way to make an order – a rather unique way! The guy in the video – his name’s Giorgio. His friend presses the intercom button to order, and instead of straightforward ordering, talking through it like most people would, Giorgio with guitar in hand, sings his order! The assistant greets him […]

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Two-year-old Wishes Her Mother Happy Birthday…

Claire walks over to her little chair and sits. You don’t see her face til she sits, her feet barely touching the floor. “Hi, Mummy,” she says brightly, then wishing her a happy birthday, “I want you to know that you’re the GREATEST mommy!” – spreading her arms wide to show just how much. She […]

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30 Squats Gets You a Free Ticket On The Subway!

Yup! No joke, no lie :). A ticket machine was installed in a subway station in Moscow. In exchange for completing 30 squats in front of it, commuters were offered a free ticket to travel on the subway. Some commuters took the machine up on its offer, standing on the blue sticker and doing thirty. […]

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Woman Dances in Operating Theatre Before Double Mastectomy…

Deborah Cohan is an incredible, incredible soul. Here she is, about to have a double mastectomy, dancing in the operating room with all the grace, joy and abandon she can muster. All smiles. All energy, dancing to Beyonce’s Get Me Bodied with the operating team, like they’re all sisters…and in a way, they are. They […]

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Amira Willighagen, Nine, Auditions on Holland’s Got Talent…

Nine years old. Amira Willighagen is just nine years old, people. And listen to her voice. She’s singing the opera song, O Mio Babbino Caro. The pause just before she starts it. Look how calm she is. In front of soooo many people. At 26 secs, when she hits that high note, it’s just, wow. […]

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Cat and Dog Escape Kitchen (With Cat’s Help!)

Dexter the cat and Gizmo are stuck in the kitchen. Gizmo watches as Dexter climbs up a pole and uses his paw for a while to try and twist the door knob. That doesn’t work. He tries again. Gizmo walks closer to the door as if offering Dexter moral support. Dexter tries with one paw […]

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