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Hello, Dog. This Isn’t Your Bed. It’s Mine. Meow.


The way the cats in this video are claiming these dogs’ spaces, and not looking to be moving any time soon, is a hoot to watch!

In the first shot, the dog is seen walking around the cat, trying to negotiate somewhere to sit, but failing! Awwww!

The next dog makes a bit more of a protest and howls! The next two dogs resign themselves to sitting in a much smaller, less comfy bed (one of them in an INSANELY smaller area!)
The funniest is the cat that’s alllll stretched out with its limbs, just chilling.

In some of the clips, the owners do try to encourage the dogs to claim what’s theirs, but well, it doesn’t work. Poor things.

One little dog is seen barking at the cat, and the cat doesn’t move an inch. One cat fights back!

There’s a really cute clip where the cat’s soooo small (around 1:14).

…and then one where the dog tries to cover the cat with a blanket!

The next clips after that show the dogs dragging their beds with the cats in them – maybe in the hopes that they’ll tumble out.

There’s one dog that manages to fit itself in with the cat!

And then HURRAAAAAAH, some cats actually oblige and leave the bed, some of their own accord, others after being chased off it or tumbled out of it. Other dogs choose to share their beds, which is rather sweet. Some snuggle up too.

Lovely, funny video.

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