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Fruits and Vegetables Can Fight Depression

Depression and mental issues are common for millions of people, unfortunately a lot of them are hard to diagnose and even harder to treat. The good news is that a study released this week shows that a simple diet change can dramatically improve mental health for many patients. The study showed that patients who consumed […]

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Japan to Offer new Ebola Treatment

Amidst the growing concerns about the spread of the Ebola virus, a company in Japan is offering what could be the solution. A drug that has been widely used in Japan against the flu is also being used as an experimental Ebola treatment, and apparently it is expected to do a good job. Given the […]

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97-Year-Old Grandmother Drives a Big Rig to Cross Off Bucket List Item

Many people have dreams they never realize. One woman, a 97-year-old great-grandmother from New Jersey, has a bucket list of goals she still wants to complete. This past week, she notched one of those goals off her list when she drove a semi-truck, a dream she’s had for most of her life. Vera Abruzzi has […]

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E-Cigarette Industry To be Regulated Soon

This week a significant congressional report was released regarding the now booming electronic cigarette industry. At this point electronic cigarettes are essentially unregulated and many health experts have been questioning this for quite some time. The good news is that today the congressional report, along with the world health organization, announced that they have decided […]

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Nine-Year-Old Boy Rides for Help After Dad Is Injured in Snowmobile Crash

Never underestimate the power of children as one quick-thinking 9-year-old boy recently demonstrated. This is a child you want around during a crisis. The Marin County, California boy is credited with saving the life of his father who had been injured in a snowmobiling accident near Lake Tahoe on Sunday. J.T. Bierdneau was trapped when […]

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Boston Marathon bombing survivor dances again

In last year’s horrific bombing at the Boston Marathon, Adrianne Haslet-Davis was among the injured. The pretty young woman had been a professional dancer up until that fateful moment when a pressure cooker bomb exploded and caused her the loss of part of her left leg. This past Wednesday, Haslet-Davis returned to the stage as […]

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FDA Approved First Migraine Prevention Device

Today the FDA announced their ruling on an innovative and new device that many people have been eagerly awaiting. The Cefaly is essentially a headband that can be worn to prevent migraines from developing, which would bring a significant amount of relief to the millions of people that suffer from regular migraines. The way it […]

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Researchers Say Baby was Cured of HIV

Research released this week by a medical group in Florida makes some shocking and potentially groundbreaking claims. About 9 months ago a baby was born in Mississippi with HIV, and now reports are showing that the treatment given and the steps taken have in fact cured the child of HIV. Doctors say it is absolutely […]

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Girl From Texas Becomes Princess for a Day

This week, 5 year old Claire Lankford from Texas saw her biggest dream come true thanks to support from her entire community. Lankford has a rare form of cancer that is difficult to treat and has a relatively survival rate, despite that she has a very positive and upbeat attitude according to doctors and her […]

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Vitamin C Helps Fight Cancer

Chemotherapy is currently the most commonly used cancer fighting medicine on the market. Unfortunately there are a number of side effects and problems that make it less than appealing but there isn’t much most doctors can do beside us it on their cancer patients. Fortunately this week a study shows that one very simple vitamin […]

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