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Nine-Year-Old Boy Rides for Help After Dad Is Injured in Snowmobile Crash

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Snowmobile accident leads to joyous rescue

9-year-old boy leads rescuers to father after snowmobile accident. Photo courtesy Wikipedia

Never underestimate the power of children as one quick-thinking 9-year-old boy recently demonstrated. This is a child you want around during a crisis. The Marin County, California boy is credited with saving the life of his father who had been injured in a snowmobiling accident near Lake Tahoe on Sunday.

J.T. Bierdneau was trapped when his snowmobile pinned him on Sunday. Severely injured in the crash, he was unable to extricate himself. His son, Bode Bierdnaeu, tried to dig him out of the deep snow on his own but was unable to do it alone. Though he tried, his own fingers became numb from the cold. The child realized the only thing he could do was go for help. He was nervous and unsure about trekking alone for miles across the snow, in part because he was unsure of which direction to go.

He had no cell phone reception but didn’t panic. He stayed calm throughout the ordeal, finally locating help with an emergency radio. The tour group he found radioed for help. Once that was taken care of, he was able to lead the rescue party to his father. Bode’s mom said the search and rescue officials called the boy’s efforts heroic.

J.T. was airlifted to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery on his leg, which was broken. He is expected to make a full recovery, thanks to Bodes quick thinking and nerves of steel.

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