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Shelter Dogs Used to ‘Rescue’ and Enhance the Lives of Office Workers During Lunch Breaks

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Rescued dogs help rescue office workers

Shelter dogs rescue office workers and find homes. Photo courtesy The Lost Dogs Home

Shelter dogs are those that are housed and cared for in some sort of animal rescue center. Often they are abandoned or neglected pups that have been taken in by the center in hopes of finding new, loving homes for the dogs. Towards that end, the shelters often hold events designed to raise interest in the animals and hopefully place them with new families will love and care for them. One such shelter found a new, innovative way to do just that and at the same time, help “rescue” some humans, too.

The Lost Dogs Home in Melbourne, Australia came up with the groundbreaking adoption campaign. They offered to “rescue” some office workers from the tight quarters and solitude of their lonely cubicles. All the workers had to do was give up a small part of their lunch time to walk a dog or two.

Kate Hoelter, the general Manager of The Lost Dogs Home says that dogs are widely accepted for their stress-reducing capabilities. Locked away in cubicles for hours on end, away from fresh air, sunshine and contact with others, it is possible to overlook the importance of taking a break and getting away from the stress-inducing environments our jobs often hold. She advocates taking a lunch break and getting outside with a friend who will help you forget about your stress, even for a few minutes.

The shelter’s website claims the campaign was a huge success. They claim to have “rescued” more than 5,000 office workers. In addition to that and even better news, all the dogs in the program were adopted.

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