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Cute Puppy Gets Stuck in a Not-So-Cute Situation

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Puppy stuck in tire is rescued by firefighters. Photo by Kern County Fire Department/Facebook

Puppy stuck in tire gets help from firefighters.

We all have the impression of firefighters as heroes and they certainly deserve that honor. Even in their downtime, when they aren’t fighting fires and rescuing people from mangled cars involved in traffic accidents, they are rescuing kittens from trees. That is our impression anyway.

Recently, the men of the Kern County Fire Department demonstrated that that is exactly the kind of thing they do. IN this situation, however it wasn’t a kitten and it wasn’t stuck in a tree. And they didn’t have to go to the site. The victim and the site was brought to them.

The owner of “Junior,” a little pit bull puppy, brought the animal to the fire house. It seems in his inquisitive explorations, Junior had somehow managed to get his head stuck in the center opening of an automobile tore.
The owner was unable to extricate the dog alone and sought help from the local heroes, the fire department.

Brandon Hill, the fire department spokesperson said after a couple of photos were taken, firefighters liberally applied some vegetable oil to the pup and slid him through the greased up hole. Their quick thinking and calm reactions helped free the poor little guy. The curious pup is now safely back home with his owner and his 7 siblings.

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