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U.S. Sees Increase in Auto Sales

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U.S. Sees Increase in Auto Sales

U.S. Sees Increase in Auto Sales

This fall brought a major tragedy to the north eastern United States with Hurricane Sandy; much of the area was destroyed or damaged severely and millions of people are still in the process of recovering from the storm. The good news is that there is some hope and there are signs that the recovery is taking hold.

The biggest indicator right now is that car dealers in the northeast are seeing an incredible increase in car sales following the storm. Millions of cars were totaled by the storm and thanks to insurance many of the owners are now out shopping for brand new cars. Car dealers are seeing record numbers in the northeast, but the sales are also way up in other areas too; both of these factors are absolutely great for the economy and the car industry as a whole.

The tragedy of Hurricane Sandy has also brought a few other pieces of good news. Donations and relief funding has been phenomenal following the storm as millions of Americans have chipped in to various charities that will help with the rebuilding process in New York, New Jersey, and other affected areas. For now the recovery is still on going but experts say it is absolutely looking promising.

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