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Hydrogen-Solar Power Could Be the Future

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Hydrogen-Solar Power Could Be the Future

Hydrogen-Solar Power Could Be the Future

This week a group of researchers announced some very promising scientific advancements that could eventually lead the way towards more environmentally friendly power sources. Currently solar power is looking very promising but night time will always be a big problem, this new solution might be the perfect way to store the sun’s energy so it can be used at a later time, all without batteries.

Essentially the system works by combining the incredible energy source of the sun with an already developed hydrogen based fuel cell. The sun’s energy can be harnessed for long periods of time in the hydrogen fuel cell so that overnight the power will continue to be supplied, even after the sun sets. Essentially, according to the report, the cell works in a manner very similar to photosynthesis. So far the theory has only been tested in a very limited scale but scientists are incredibly hopeful that this very well might be the future of power for the planet.

Future studies and development are in the process right now. If this turns out to be as effective and successful as hoped this very well may become the next big green innovation for power. Don’t be surprised if soon we have hydrogen powered photosynthesis power plants providing all of your home power needs.


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