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Coffee Shown To Boost Memory

Coffee Shown To Boost Memory

Coffee Shown To Boost Memory

According to a research report released this week there might be yet another benefit to having that daily cup of coffee every morning. Essentially the report shows that for participants that consumed approximately the same amount of caffeine as 1 cup of coffee there was a noticeable improvement of memory functions for both long term and short term. The study participants that received the caffeine were consistently able to outperform the other participants, making it a very real possibility that coffee or other caffeine drinks can have a significant impact.

Obviously one study was not enough to be medically conclusive so multiple follow up studies are being planned at this point. Doctors did not that it was surprising to see that the results were so black and white, making it highly likely that future studies will confirm the results. Many doctors have recommended coffee or similar drinks for patients due to the other various health benefits and now it looks like there is another reason to continue drinking coffee. This is great news for coffee and tea drinkers everywhere, so if you enjoy a little caffeine every morning now is the time to celebrate, you’ve been helping your brain remember things much better than without it.


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