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Astronomers Discover New Earth-Like Planet

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Astronomers Discover New Earth-Like Planet

Astronomers Discover New Earth-Like Planet

This week a group of astronomers released information about a new planet that has been discovered. In the ongoing quest to discover and understand the universe new planets are found relatively often, but it isn’t very often that a planet this similar to Earth is discovered. The new planet might be nearly 500 light-years away, but scientists say it is a pretty significant discovery.

The new planet is named Kepler-186f, and while it is absolutely impossible to reach it scientists say it has plenty of information that could help us understand the origins of the universe. There have been quite a few planets discovered that are similar to Earth, but Kepler is unique in that it has been given a 90% chance of having liquid water. Based on the distance from the nearest star, as well as other factors, astronomers say that Kepler is the most likely planet we’ve found that could be inhabited by life.

This is a very significant scientific breakthrough, and it just goes to show how much research and science are constantly advancing. Additional research is being conducted right now, but it is still pretty impressive to see just how much information we can discern from such a distant planet.


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