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Google Planning to Expand Fiber Network


Google Planning to Expand Fiber Network

Google Planning to Expand Fiber Network

Currently Google Fiber is only available in very select markets in the United States and while they’ve been a pretty big success Google has been a little slow to branch out any beyond those areas. Fortunately this week Google announced that they’re now officially considering adding numerous large metropolitan areas to their Google Fiber coverage map, which would be great for any and all of the cities involved.

Google Fiber brought hundreds of businesses to the Kansas City area when it first went live and many analysts feel that the result will be the same in any other new cities. Google is reportedly considering 9 major metropolitan areas as well as the surrounding cities, although it is still unclear when Google will actually choose where to expand to next. Either way this is good news because Google is doing a great job at driving competition in the otherwise stale internet provider market. Google has the opportunity to bring something new and fresh to the market which is otherwise unchanging in the United States. Numerous technology analysts feel that this could be exactly what the country needs, especially since two of the largest cable internet providers are now going through a merger.


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