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Controversial Drug Linked to Cancer Risk Reduction

Controversial Drug Linked to Cancer Risk Reduction

Controversial Drug Linked to Cancer Risk Reduction

A number of drugs that are currently used to treat diabetes has been going through studies and trials recently to determine if they have any additional medical value and according to a report released this week it looks like they might just be the next big thing in cancer treatment. The drugs are all very similar in the way they work and while they’re approved for use, the FDA keeps very tight restrictions on their usage for patients. Due to a number of preliminary studies many medical experts felt that these drugs could have an impact on cancer risk and now they’ve concluded that the drugs do in fact lower the risk of developing cancer in women.

Essentially according to doctors the drugs increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin which can reduce the risk for diabetes, since diabetes is often followed by cancer they believed this could have an impact on cancer development. After months of studies the reports concluded that the drugs did in fact have a measurable impact on cancer rates in women. Obviously it’ll be quite a while before anything like this could become a real, usable treatment, but many doctors are hopeful that this is a step in the right direction for cancer testing.


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