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Fish Oil Linked to Brain Health

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Fish Oil Linked to Brain Health

Fish Oil Linked to Brain Health

For years now people have been saying that various fish oils are beneficial or healthy for some reason or another. Just this week yet another medical study came out that indicates that certain fish oils are actually even more beneficial than previously expected. In particular the study was focusing on Omega-3 oils and the study showed that consuming the oil regularly can significantly help slow brain aging in patients.

This is absolutely great news because it not only helps keep the brain a little bit younger, it also helps prevent the onset of problems like Alzheimer’s in older patients. Doctors are still studying the findings further but at this point they’re happy to report that there is absolutely a pretty solid link between the oil and the results. The exact amount of Omega-3 oil required to be beneficial is still undetermined but the study is planning to be continued so that doctors can really pinpoint the benefit point. At this time doctors are continuing to recommend Omega-3 oils for patients and they’ll likely continue to do so long after the new findings come out.

This is absolutely another sign of medical advancement that is great news. Only time will tell just how many other benefits Omega-3 oils have but this is definitely a big one.

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