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Girl Scout Cookie Season Begins

Girl Scout Cookie Season Begins

Girl Scout Cookie Season Begins

Every spring thousands of girls around the United States begin one of the most anticipated and appreciated fundraisers ever, the sale of Girl Scout Cookies. This fundraiser is not only a great way to keep this incredible organization alive and well, it is also a much anticipated time of year for the millions of Americans that simply cannot get enough of these delicious treats.

Girl Scout Cookies do not technically have an official start date, but according to Girl Scout’s HQ at this point in the year basically everywhere should be hitting full swing on the sales. All of the incredibly popular favorite cookies are still around but they also added a few new flavors that might just be a big hit too. In particular a lot of people are excited about the addition of a new gluten free flavor. As a whole this is absolutely a great time of year simply because millions of people buy millions and millions of cookies every single year, plus they’re contributing to a great cause while doing it. If you’re a Girl Scout cookie lover like most people then now is the time to start looking out for cookies, you should be able to get them very soon!


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