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Man Throws $1000 into Mall Crowd; Wants To Do It Again


Man throws $1000 into crowd at Mall of America

Serge Vorobyov throws money into mall crowd on Black Friday. Photo from YouTube screen capture.

Visitors to the Mall of America were astounded when money started falling from above on Black Friday. A Minnesota man, Serge Votobyov, went to the mall with $1,000 in small bills that day with the intention of making some people pretty happy.

As a crowd gathered round a trio that was performing the Christmas carol, ‘Let It Snow’, Serge made his way to the fourth floor of the mall. From the railing he tossed the bills over the side and down onto the crowd.

He filmed the crowd reaction and posted it on his YouTube account under the video title “Crazy Guy Throws $ 1,000 Dollars off 4th Floor at Mall of America.” Each bill was stamped with the URL of his YouTube account. He then posted about it on his Facebook page and directed people to his video.

Shortly after the money drop, Serge was cited by police for disorderly conduct. He said he didn’t understand how his act of generosity was being disorderly. He filmed the confrontation and posted it on YouTube as well.

Mall of America spokeswoman Sarah Schmidt said the act could have gotten someone hurt. She said it was the first time anything like this has happened at the Mall of America and fortunately it didn’t turn into a serious situation.

He claims he did it for several reasons. He said he is going through a divorce and it was his last thousand dollars. He wanted to spread some holiday cheer and do a pay-it-forward kind of thing. He also said it was his way of countering the greed that goes along with Black Friday. He also says he hopes he can one day do it again.

By Cyber Monday, Serge had more than 170,000 views of his video. He suggested that when people watch his video, YouTube will pay him and when he gets enough, he will give away another $1,000 though he wasn’t clear to whom or how he would go about it.

While authorities and management of the mall may not have approved of the stunt, those who were able to catch the money were certainly delighted.

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