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Michigan Doctor Helping People in Nepal

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Michigan Doctor Helps Kids in Nepal

Royal Oak, Mich. Dr. Richard Keidan, a surgical oncologist at Beaumont Hospital has dedicated his life to performing surgery on Detroit area patients, but he also helps needy people in Nepal by building schools and clinics.

Keidan runs the Miles Levin Nepal Foundation in dedication to 18 year old Miles Levin, who died of a rare form of cancer in 2007. The foundation helps impoverished children in Nepal. 

Keidal says that the lives of the children of Khotang in Nepal are a far cry from Levin’s life and that his goal is to help bridge the gap between the health care and educational opportunities that he had and the ones the children of Khotang don’t have access to.

Keidan first visited Nepal in 1983 to mountain climb and ended up in love with the people and their culture. Now, he spends nearly three months every year there working with the children.

Keidan says there isn’t much resemblance to the Detroit suburbs in Nepal, as there is no communication, no phones, no power, no running water, no toilets, and no way to get anywhere except to walk.

Keidan helps in Nepal by building clinics, schools, and making sure there is clean water and toilets available. The people there help to manage the foundation’s work.

“We go and talk with the people in Khotang and their villages and instead of trying to tell them how to do things. Instead, we ask them what they need so that it’s their ideas, their proposals, and we want them to have a better life for them and their kids,” he said.

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