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New Food Safety Laws Being Implemented

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New Food Safety Laws Being Implemented

New Food Safety Laws Being Implemented

This week the United States Food and Drug Administration officially began implementing a wide variety of changes that were planned for 2013. The overall goal behind the FDA’s new policies and procedures is to reduce the chances of a major food borne sickness breakout from happening. This change was pushed for because of the numerous food illness outbreaks in 2012 and many experts say that these changes will surely be great news for millions of Americans that could have possibly been affected by an outbreak.

There are hundreds of other changes being implemented as well that are entirely focused on increasing food safety. This is obviously great news because it should in fact lead to better food quality and regulation while at the same time reducing risks. The FDA is planning to have consistent checkups on these changes to make sure things are being done properly and they are hopeful that by the end of the year there will be measurable improvements in food safety.

These FDA changes are great news for all Americans because in the past few years there have been thousands of deaths due to poorly regulated food sales. The FDA is dedicated to putting a stop to this and these changes are sure to be a big success according to most experts.

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