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Scientists Create New Stem Cells

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Scientists Create New Stem Cells

Scientists Create New Stem Cells

For many years now researchers have been working on developing various disease cures with stem cells and the results are definitely looking very promising. Unfortunately at the current time stem cells are difficult to capture or grow without damaging the host organism, the good news is that this new breakthrough might be exactly what it takes to bring stem cell research to the front of the research process.

Essentially researchers found an innovative new way to grow stem cells from standard cells in a mouse, they have significant success through repeated testing. Now the research team is beginning to attempt the same procedure using human cells, if they are successful they should quickly and easily be able to develop human stem cells without any real risk. The stem cell research industry has been controversial and complicated for years due to public opinion but this could very well be the next big step forward in what many doctors say is the most promising form of medical research.

The scientists involved are hoping to begin testing the procedure on human cells in the next few months. If this process does in fact work out it will definitely be the best breakthrough the medical industry has seen in quite a long time.


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