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U.S. Government Preparing to Sell Wind Farm Leases

U.S. Government Preparing to Sell Wind Farm Leases

U.S. Government Preparing to Sell Wind Farm Leases

Wind farms have begun to pop up all across the United States in the past decade thanks to a number of factors, obviously the environmental friendly movement has helped spur this on as well. This week the federal government made an announcement that will surely help bring even more wind power to the United States thanks to a number of newly available wind farm locations.

Wind farms have traditionally been set up in the Midwest due to location and seclusion, but now the federal government is going to allow wind farm leases on the coast of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Virginia, which will be the first in the area. The locations are considered to be very prime areas that are likely to be very profitable but up until now they simply were not available for wind power.  Various power companies have expressed interest in the land so the government is hopeful that it’ll be a very successful venture over the next decade. Wind power is quickly becoming the most likely candidate for green energy and this is absolutely a step in the right direction. The government hopes that this along with other efforts will help make wind power plants and wind farms more economical and easier to build which will lead to more development in the future.

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