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United States Hits 5 Year Jobless Low

United States Hits 5 Year Jobless Low

United States Hits 5 Year Jobless Low

Every month now it seems like the United States unemployment results seem to be bringing good news and this time things are looking even better. According to the data released this week the United States has now reached a 5 year low for unemployment which is surely great news for millions of Americans that are seeing that firsthand. Unemployment became a big problem after the economic downturn and the fact that the level has dropped so dramatically is absolutely a great sign for the economy.

Obviously there are still hundreds of thousands of people searching for jobs but the fact that the number has gone down so dramatically is fantastic. Many analysts say that they’re expecting unemployment to continue dropping and if that is the case then it is only a matter of time before the recession is officially deemed to be over. As a whole this is just one part of a complicated economic situation but the fact that it is showing strong recovery every single month definitely shows that the economy is headed in the right direction at this point. This is great news for everyone around the world, since economic situations are so closely tied together.


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