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US Government Planning To Restrict NSA

US Government Planning To Restrict NSA

US Government Planning To Restrict NSA

Not too long ago word got out about just how much information the NSA was collecting both online and through phone calls. Obviously millions of Americans were upset but millions of people around the world were also affected by this awful invasion of privacy. Fortunately today the president, as well as a new task force, announced that they’ll soon be working on developing new guidelines for NSA to prevent such an invasion of privacy in the future.

Obviously this is great news for everyone in America simply because it means privacy will finally be restored. This is also great news for the millions of people around the world that were being monitored by NSA illegally, although it is hard to say exactly what will be changing. At this point President Obama and his administration had expressed that they simply want to stop the overreaching powers of the NSA and bring it into check. No word just yet on when anything will begin to happen but this move is supported by nearly everyone, including politicians on both sides of the aisle.

This is absolutely a step in the right direction and will likely be the first of many. The Obama administration is hoping to make these changes as soon as possible, so hopefully soon the NSA spying will eventually stop.


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