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Family Meals Linked to Healthy Eating

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Family Meals Linked to Healthy Eating

Family Meals Linked to Healthy Eating

For years medical researchers have been saying that eating home cooked meals while sitting as a family is important and now there is more research available that confirms this. The research study came out this week and apparently eating family meals has been linked to a number of health benefits in children as young as 4 years old.

The primary benefit of eating home cooked meals with a family is that children see a significant increase in fruit and vegetable consumption which leads to much healthier eating habits. On average children that frequently ate with their family had almost twice as many fruits and vegetables in their daily meals which is obviously very beneficial for the health of a child. Researchers are very happy to find such a strong link between these two factors and as always doctors are now recommending that families take the time to eat home cooked meals together as often as possible.

This is great news for many families because it shows that what they are doing is obviously a good idea. Unfortunately for many busy families eating home cooked meals together is difficult or impossible but hopefully this kind of study is enough to convince them to make a change for the health of their children.


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