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Having Children Linked to Healthier Lives

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Having Children Linked to Healthier Lives

Having Children Linked to Healthier Lives

This week a medical study showed some interesting correlation between having children and living longer for adults. The study looked at thousands of families and couples around the world and found that couples with children generally lived a substantial amount of time longer and often had healthier lives as well. This is quite an interesting development and researchers are hopeful that they’ll be able to determine what is causing the direct connection.

The study also showed that couples with children were noticeably less likely to develop mental disorders than those without children, leading researchers to believe there is a distinct link between the two. Obviously researchers are still trying to determine exactly what causes the change in health but for now they say the results definitely look connected.

So at this point it definitely looks like having children increases the chances of living longer healthier lives, which is obviously great news. Doctors are also quick to point out though that this does not mean couples without children are unable to control their own future. Working out, eating right, and general health precautions seem to make any advantages of having children nonexistent. Doctors are planning to conduct follow up studies to look more into this phenomenon; results are expected in the coming year or two.

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