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World Health Organization Calls for Drug Safety Improvements

World Health Organization Calls for Drug Safety Improvements

World Health Organization Calls for Drug Safety Improvements

This week a major committee from the World Health Organization announced that they’re working on developing a number of much needed improvements for the healthcare industry. As of now there isn’t really any sort of drug quality tracking system or screening system and that could lead to large quantities of tainted or incorrect drugs making it onto the open market.

This is exactly what the World Health Organization committee plans to resolve through some sort of new system. The details are still being worked on but they are committed to getting it setup and ready to be implemented sometime in the coming year. This is great news for everyone because it will finally put a much needed safety check on the drug manufacturing and distribution system worldwide.

The world is being done largely with help from the United States Food and Drug Administration, since they already operate a very similar system in the United States. Hopefully with the FDA’s help there will be an effective and efficient worldwide system to help keep consumers safe. It is only a matter of time before the system is completed and once it is the World Health Organization plans to implement it completely to help protection billions of people worldwide.

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