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FCC Freeing up WiFi Spectrum

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FCC Freeing up WiFi Spectrum

FCC Freeing up WiFi Spectrum

WiFi is a heavily regulated part of the wireless spectrum in America, and as a result the rest of the world. Fortunately this week the FCC announced that they’re planning to make some new rules on WiFi networks so that there will be less wireless signal overlap which should offer a number of benefits. This is great news for a number of reasons and it is expected to be a big deal for the technology industry worldwide.

The exact changes the FCC hopes to implement are not official yet but they have said that the overall change will include some additional wireless spectrum licensing which will increase speed and range of all wireless routers substantially. This may only be legally binding in America but nearly all WiFi routers worldwide follow US FCC rulings so this is going to affect the wireless spectrum worldwide.

Experts are hopeful that a speed increase of around 40% will be seen from this small change and in the future the FCC hopes to continue making improvements to increase speed even more. No word yet on when the changes will become legally binding but when they do most manufactures are expected to jump on the bandwagon immediately.

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