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Woman Gives Her Family Incredible Gift Two Years after Her Death


Woman sends family a Christmas gift two years after her death

Family receives letter, gift from woman who died 2 years ago. Photo by David Schmitz

David Schmitz was asked to appear on a local radio station as part of a “Christmas Wish” program. Schmitz was to hear a letter written by his wife before she died two years ago. You will need the tissues for this one.
Brenda Schmitz died in September of 201`1 from ovarian cancer. She left behind a blended family of four boys and her husband David. In August of that year, Brenda wrote several letters and gave them to a friend who has remained anonymous with instructions on what to do with the letters. They were to be mailed to the radio station “Star” 102.5 in Des Moines, Iowa when David found love again.

The station accepts letters each year and does what it can to grant a few of the Christmas wishes it receives. This year it received Brenda’s letter and everyone agreed they had never experienced anything like it.

It began “When you are in receipt of this letter, I will have already lost my battle to ovarian cancer.” Brenda continued to explain that she had asked her friend to mail the letter when David had moved on and found someone new to share his life with and help raise the boys. In her letter to the station, she asked for three things.

First, Brenda asked that the new woman be given a day of pampering complete with facial, manicure and massage. Brenda said in the letter that David’s new love would deserve it for being a stepmother to all those boys and wanted the woman to know that she would appreciate all her efforts.

The second wish was for a magical trip where the new family could start building memories of their own. The third wish on her list was that the doctors, nurses and staff at Mercy Hospital where she received treatment be treated to dinner, drinks and fun as a thank you for all they did.

Station manager Scott Allen said in the more than 20 years the station had done this program there had never been anything like it. As the DJ read the letter aloud, she and David were filmed in the studio. The DJ struggled to fight back the emotions she was feeling and David repeatedly dabbed at his eyes. Another letter written to Davis’ new lady, Jane, was turned over to David to be given to her privately.

When David regained his composure a bit, he said he was not surprised by Brenda’s words. He knew her to be a strong person, a great wife and mother. The station granted all three of Brenda’s wishes. The family which includes Jane’s two children will receive a four day vacation to Disney World where Jane will receive her day of pampering.

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