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Simple Antibiotics Help with Malnutrition

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Simple Antibiotics Help with Malnutrition

Simple Antibiotics Help with Malnutrition

Malnutrition is an unfortunate and significant issue that affects millions of children around the world in developing countries. For years now humanitarian efforts have been centered on sending food and aid to these children and families in need but unfortunately it is nearly impossible to actually fix the problems completely. Fortunately a major research project released this week shows that there is actually something promising on the horizon.

Probably the biggest problem with malnutrition is that simply providing food and water does not necessarily resolve all issues. The good news is that according to the study released this week, simple antibiotics that are widely available have a big impact on healing and recovering from malnutrition. Antibiotics are available and widespread basically everywhere in the world so providing at least some sort of antibiotic to children in need is a fairly simple endeavor. Doctors and humanitarian groups around the world are very happy to hear that this makes a big difference and they are hopeful that in the future antibiotics will be a big part of the recovery aid.

Obviously this is just a preliminary result but doctors overall are very happy with the results. Providing simple antibiotics to malnutrition patients made a very significant impact and significantly reduced their average recovery time.

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